We offer Business, Professional, and Individual Financial, Accounting/Bookkeeping, and Tax Services.

SCS Management Professionals is a Collaborative, Innovative one-stop result-driven business experienced in delivering professional complex financial/bookkeeping-based and Tax Services consulting solutions to multiple industries. 

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Business Services

Business Services

We aim to serve your company over the long term, from choosing between corporations, partnerships, or limited liability company (LLC) structures to how your company should pass on to the next generation.

Individual Services

Individual Services

We want to educate you about long-term financial freedom. We are not here to get you to fix it in a few months, and we offer a journey for a lifetime. Our services include but are not limited to credit education and removing inaccurate/obsolete information from credit profiles. 


  • Ms. Stephanie has been an exceptional mentor to me. She guided me when I had just started college, then to graduate school, and even now, I have my first job in the Accounting/Financial arena. She is kind, willing to share her experiences, and always listens to my stories. Beyond that, as a mentor, she is always willing to advise me on my career and life to help me become a better version of myself. Once again, Stephanie is the most excellent mentor I have ever had.

  • Stephanie does amazing work. You can tell that she genuinely wants to see you and your business thrive. She brings several years of experience and knowledge into every conversation, so if you have a question, ask! Stephanie is an outstanding financial expert with many business professionals they should partner with!

  • SCS Management Professionals have been completing my personal taxes and financial planning for about 10 years. Stephanie is great at what she does, loves helping people, and doesn't charge you for every phone call. She is a wealth of knowledge and always willing to share and help. If you are looking for someone willing to help you from the heart, SCS Management Professionals is the place to start.

  • SCS Management Professionals and Vicks Transportation have partnered for over 3 years. Stephanie created my Business (Articles of Incorporation) with the State and manage my monthly books, constantly monitoring my transactions and providing feedback at our monthly meetings. SCS Management Professionals and all the consultants at the company are responsive and great to work with. Suppose you are looking for a company with passionate professionals, regarding their work. In that case, SCS Management Professionals is the place you should try.

  • SCS Management Professionals have serviced Kal Logistics, LLC for over 5 years with all our accounting/bookkeeping, Tax Services, and Financial planning. Stephanie, in particular, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with a great attitude. You can tell she is passionate about making sure you, as a client, operate at the highest level. SCS Management Professionals is a one-stop shop for all your business accounting/bookkeeping, Taxes services, and Financial endeavors.

  • SCS Management Professionals and I became partners a little over a year ago. The story started like this; she hired me to build out a sun room with a patio underneath, and when I tell you she completed her drawing, had a project plan, and meeting minutes of the weekly work completed, treating my team as though they were a part of her team, I stopped and asked her what did she do for a living. She mentioned she has an accounting/bookkeeping/tax services business, including but not limited to bookkeeping, accounting, and taxes. She and I met to see how she could be of service to my business, and it has been almost a year that she and I have been in partnership, and I have only one word for anyone. Give her and her team a try. They are professional, detailed, and very knowledgeable.

  • I was recommended to SCS Management Professionals, LLC by another business owner. I met with the owner, Stephanie, and I could tell from the start that she was passionate, knowledgeable, and strategically detailed about her process. I had several years of back personal and business taxes; my business was making money but was not set up or operating as effectively as possible. After partnering with SCS Management Professionals, they got me all up to date on my taxes (Personal & Business). We are working toward a monthly agreement to keep me current with accounting/bookkeeping

  • I hired SCS Management Professionals to assist me with my personal finances, taxes, and credit education for over 15 years. They were very professional, timely, and patient. They answered my questions to help me to understand my finances better, and working with them enabled me to purchase my first home.

  • After working with SCS Management Professionals to understand my personal finances, I was one of the yearly pro bono clients who benefited from the entrepreneur mentorship opportunity. They help me to set up my Legal Nurse Consultant Business. Because, I am a first-time small business owner without experience, the opportunity provided me with guidance, coaching, and the understanding of the dos and don't to ensure that my business structure and accounting/bookkeeping are set up most efficiently since I am a novice in that area. I recommend them to any business, big and small, for all consulting needs.

  • I recently reconnected with SCS Management Professionals to help support me with financial planning and taxes. I felt it was important to work with a company and individuals I could trust with my finances. Stephanie has been amazing! I appreciate that she listens to your needs and wants before crafting a customized financial plan for you. She is honest and upfront about the services and provides a wealth of information to support you. If you are looking to work with a company that you can trust and truly goes above and beyond, don’t waste any time contacting SCS Management Professionals. You will be happy you did!

Industries We Serve Nationwide

  • Ancestry
  • Banking & Finance
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Home Improvement / Remodeling / Landscaping
  • Insurance
  • Media / Entertainment
  • Retail / Manufacturing
  • Transportation (Commercial)